The Quran about those upon whom God have bestowed favour

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful

The meaning of accepting a certain faith is to save one’s soul and change one’s inner state. Attribute of entreaties and prayers addressed to the transcendent “being” is present in practically all forms of faith. At their core, they are dictated by the hope for the best, foothold of which is any sacred text.

The main basis for appeal to God for Muslims is the first chapter. Consider the following excerpt from this chapter:

…Guide us to the straight path!

The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favour!


To answer the question: “Who are those upon whom did God bestow favour?” it is necessary to open the Quran and study the places where God uses the word “nigmat”, meaning “to bestow favour”.

And whoever obeys God and the messenger – those will be with the ones upon whom God has bestowed favor of the prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the witnesses and the ones who corrected themselves. And excellent are those as companions! That is the bounty from God, and sufficient is God as Knower! (4:69-70)


In the nineteenth chapter, God gives a detailed answer to the above mentioned question, and lists names of favoured messengers and their great deeds:

Abraham – “Indeed, he was a man of truth and a prophet.”

Isaac and Jacob – “We gave him Ishaq (Isaac) and Yaqub (Jacob), and each [of them] We made a prophet.”

Moses – “Indeed, he was chosen, and he was a messenger and a prophet.”

Aaron, Moses’s brother – “And We gave him out of Our mercy his brother Aaron as a prophet.”

Ishmael – “Indeed, he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet.”

Idrees – “Indeed, he was a man of truth and a prophet. And We raised him to a high station.” (19:41-56)

The following passage serves as a confirmation of this statement:

Those were the ones upon whom God bestowed favor from among the prophets of the descendants of Adam and of those We carried [in the ship] with Nuh (Noah), and of the descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Israel, and of those whom We guided and chose. When the signs of the Most Merciful were recited to them, they fell in prostration and weeping! (19:58)


Of course, other messengers were also benefited by God:

And when the son of Maryam (Mary) was presented as an example, immediately your nation laughed aloud. And they said, “Are our gods better, or is he?”

They did not present the comparison except for [mere] argument. But, [in fact], they are a nation prone to dispute. He (Jesus) was not but a servant upon whom We bestowed favor, and We made him an example for the children of Israel. (43:57-59)

Indeed, We have given you a clear conquest That God may forgive for you what preceded of your trespasses and what will follow and complete His favor upon you and guide you to a straight path! And [that] God may aid you with a mighty victory. (48:1-3)


The path of those upon whom God have bestowed favour is the way of messengers, truthful people, witnesses and righteous people, examples of whose deeds God detailed in His Prescription. And to understand this, it is enough to carefully read the Word of God – the Quran, which does not need additional explanations.