About the author

My name is Serik Ryszhanov. I was born in 1971 in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (Eastern Kazakhstan). Having graduated from the high school, I studied at Satpayev Polytechnic Institute. I left from the institute at the second year of the study during the collapse of the USSR. In 1998 I got interested in Islam. I practiced Abu Hanifah’s madhab and the Turkish tariqa of Suleyman Hilmi. Faced with different points of view in Islam, I decided to study in practice those directions that I could meet. I was in Tablighi Jamaat, studied the materials of Hizbut-Tahrir and the Sufis of the Order of Naqshbandi, attended Said Nursi’s lessons of the Turkish direction, debated with the representatives of the Ahmadiyya sect, read the Salafi literature (Ibn Taymiyyah, Abd al-Wahhab and others) and for some period practiced their principles in life, and also faced with “Takfirists”. 

Realizing that all directions consider their opinion to be the most correct, I decided (in 2001) to study the foundation of foundations in Islam – the Quran. Having read all kinds of translation into Russian and Kazakh languages, comparing them I realized that there are some differences in the translations. It also became clear that many of the provisions of the Quran were in direct contradiction with the Islamic tradition. I decided to eliminate the first and second problem by learning the Arabic language to understand the Quran in the original. To do this, I purchased the textbooks (3 volumes) of the professor of the Moscow State University V. V. Lebedev “Learn to read the Quran in Arabic” and a large dictionary of H.K. Baranov. I mastered all the material for 1.5 years and began to understand the text in original. The impression was indescribably delightful and I realized that the truth is only from the God, and people have only their own subjective opinion. Understanding of the original Quran rejected me from all the movements. Deep study of the Quran formed my own opinion, different from the majority, which of course caused a flurry of criticism. Criticism mainly concerned me personally, and not the essence of my arguments. The main complaint was that I do not have a theological education, as well as the fact that I contradict the scientists who base their knowledge on 1,400 years of the existence of Islam. However no one questions the fact that all scientists criticize other scientists from other movements who also rely on the same knowledge base. In general, all are not happy that I go against the majority. I fully admit that I can make mistakes and that’s why I’m exposing my materials to the reader. I look forward for constructive discussion and criticism for the search of the truth. For me, there is no problem to give up an erroneous opinion and view. The main thing is that you should have concrete, unambiguous arguments from the Quran. I do not accept personal insults and ask my readers to refrain from them. 

For me, the main thing is the triumph of the Word of God and the destruction of lies against God.